Photographs of invertebrates

These photographs are organised (rather pretentiously, perhaps) by phylum, class, order and family, and then identified by genus and species where known to me with at least moderate certainty.

Unless otherwise noted, these photographs were taken using a Sony DSC-F707 or DSC-H5 camera. Close-up lenses used include a set of Hoya lenses (+4, +2 and +1) and a reversed Yashica 50-mm lens.

See also vertebrates.

1. Arthropoda I D

1.1 Insecta

1.1.1 Anoplura

1.1.2 Coleoptera Coccinellidæ Family Chrysomelidæ Curculionidæ Dermestidæ

This family includes skin, carpet, larder and museum beetles, etc. Erotylidæ

1.1.3 Diptera

Fly Dolichopodidæ Muscidæ Syrphidæ Tipulidæ

1.1.4 Hemiptera

Stink bug

Some people refer to the Hemiptera as Heteroptera. Some people use the term Hemiptera to refer to both the Heteroptera and the Homoptera. Lygæidæ Pentatomidæ Coreidæ Cimicidæ

1.1.5 Homoptera

Some people include Homoptera with the Hemiptera.

1.1.6 Hymenoptera


1.1.7 Lepidoptera Caterpillars Skippers Moths I D
Moth Butterflies I D

1.1.8 Mantodea

1.1.9 Odonata


1.1.10 Orthoptera


1.1.11 Thysanura Lepismatidæ

1.2 Arachnida

1.2.1 Araneæ I D

1.2.2 Opiliones

1.3 Malacostraca (superclass Crustacea)

1.3.1 Isopoda

1.4 Chilopoda



1.4.1 Lithobiida

1.4.2 Scutigerida

1.5 Diplopoda

1.6 Xiphosurida

2. Annelida

3. Cnidaria

Alternate, deprecated name is Cœlenterata.

3.1 Anthozoa

3.2 Cubozoa, Hydrozoa, Scyphozoa I D

4. Echinodermata

5. Mollusca

5.1 Gastropoda

5.1.1 Stylommatophora

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