This page is intended mainly for my own use, and is biased toward my Sony DSC F707 (1692330, 2002 Mar), H5 (4413455, 2006 Dec) and HX200V (4350513, 2012 Jun) digital cameras.
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Using macro mode

(Tip based on a thread from the DPR Sony Talk Forum, 2002 May 7)

Use f/8 if possible to gain depth of field. Leave the 'conversion lens' setting off even if using close-up lenses. Start the lens off at full wide-angle. (If you happen to stack close-up lenses for more power, make sure you have the higher power lens on the inside closer to the camera lens. The stacking order should be camera lens -> +3 -> +2 -> +1.) From here, you move in to the distance you want and the lens should focus in if you have it on auto. If the object isn't big enough in the frame you then step up on the zoom. Be careful on the zooming because if you zoom too much you will lose focus as well. So you can actually over zoom a macro shot.
(Jimmy Chen, 8:12:47 PM, May 07, 2002)

The conversion lens on/off is to be used with a WA conversion lens made by Sony (VCL-MHG07A).
(Yves P., 8:30:28 PM, May 07, 2002)

ISO setting

Handling of ISO setting by F707


Disassembling an F707


This is my summary of an opinionated post on the DP Canon Talk Forum (2002 May 6) by an experienced photographer (Dick S):

Some subsequent comments (A.D, Yehuda, Yves P., May 19) in the Sony Talk Forum said that UV filters do cause flare, and that except for specialized ones (polarizing, neutral-density graduated, B&W and IR) it's better to avoid filters.

Converters and adapters


Wide-angle adapters

Close-up/macro adapters

Microscope adapters

See ScopeTronix for digital-camera adapters for astronomy, microscopy, etc.

Thread that's not very informative except for this link

Example of photographing sun with Meade telescope and 828; and recommendation to use Baader film filters.

EXIF tools

See my notes about EXIF tools.

MPO files

The Multi picture object (MPO) file format contains multiple images and is used for stereo pairs, panoramas, multiple resolutions, etc.

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