Contents Yves Clermont, Michael Lalli, Zsuzsanna Bencsath-Makkai
     1. Epithelia
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    1.8   Urinary tubules of the kidney showing simple cuboidal epithelia Version française
Longitudinal sections of urinary tubules in the kidney showing two types of tubules with simple cuboidal epithelia.

One type has epithelial cells showing visible lateral cell membranes (*). Segments of these tubules are visible in tangential sections and the hexagonal transversal profiles of the cuboidal cells are clearly visible (blue arrowheads).

The other type is lined with low cuboidal cells without clear cell limits (green arrows).

Between these tubules, venules, filled with red blood cells, are lined with flattened endothelial cells (white arrowheads).

Stain: HE
Magnification: ×600

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