Yves Clermont, Michael Lalli, Zsuzsanna Bencsath-Makkai
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The purpose of this Histology Atlas is to help biologists become familiar with the microscopic structure of cells, tissues and organs. It presents a collection of about six hundred light-microscopic images accompanied by fifty-nine explanatory drawings. These illustrations and their brief descriptions are grouped into eighteen chapters.

This Histology Atlas is presented as a complement to histology lectures and to examination of tissue sections with the optical microscope. Reference to textbooks is also essential, allowing students not only to observe and analyze light-microscopic images but also to examine images collected by means of the electron microscope and to gather information on histophysiology. All this material constitutes the basis of cell, tissue and organ biology. The Histology Textbooks page lists recommended textbooks.

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Histology textbooks

Staining methods used


Images     [Drawings]
1 Epithelia List    24    [0]
2 Connective Tissue List    19    [1]
3 Muscle Tissue List    17    [2]
4 Nerve Tissue List    35    [4]
5 Vessels List    35    [3]
6 Lymphatic Organs List    38    [8]
7 Blood and Bone Marrow List    21    [3]
8 Cartilage and Bone List    31    [3]
9 Skin List    35    [1]
10 Respiratory System List    27    [2]
11 Oral Cavity List    41    [2]
12 Digestive System List    86    [5]
13 Urinary System List    27    [3]
14 Endocrine Organs List    30    [3]
15 Male Reproductive System List    44    [7]
16 Female Reproductive system List    47    [7]
17 Ear List    11    [2]
18 Eye List    29    [3]

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