Web Interface to
Finite Elements

This Web page allows you to generate a finite-element mesh for any of a number of predefined shapes, and to run a simulation with the resulting model. The simulation can calculate either

Do not run multiple jobs at the same time.
Wait until you have your complete results before submitting another job!!
Start with low mesh resolutions and don't go too high.

Choice of model

Select a model:
(Elements/diameter; start low, e.g., 5–10, increase gradually as needed, not beyond = 50)
Do relaxation? (Normally Yes; use No if you need interior triangles to be equilateral.)
Return Sap file? (Normally No unless you have a particular use for the Sap file.)
Do simulation? (Select Static or Eigenvalues to perform simulation with generated mesh.)

It is counterproductive to submit multiple jobs simultaneously. They will be competing for the same CPU and disk. The system will waste much time swapping, which will slow down you, me and other users.
Multiple jobs for the same model will be slowed or killed if I notice them.

This application has been observed to cause browser crashes, leaving the fod process running on the Web server, when eigenvalues were requested for high mesh resolutions.

R. Funnell
Last modified: 2019-09-20 18:08:45