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Quantitative modelling of the middle ear

The overall objective of our auditory research is a quantitative under­standing of the mechanical behaviour of the middle ear. The immediate goal is a good mathematical model of the middle ear using the ‘finite-element’ method, which depends heavily on the use of computers. We use the powerful and flexible finite-element mod­elling methodology in very close collaboration with state-of-the-art experimental work in order to arrive at the comprehensive quantitative framework necessary for a real understanding of the system.

This research will lead to a solid understanding of how the eardrum and middle ear behave mechanically. It will provide a theoretical tool to guide, among other things,

Our research is done in collaboration with a number of other groups.

See lecture notes on Objectives of middle-ear research for more details.

Three-dimensional modelling of complex natural structures

The overall objective of this research is to develop innovative approaches to the creation of computer-based 3-D models of complex natural objects, for the purposes of both visualization and simulation. The emphasis is on the creation of high-quality finite-element models for complex structures consisting of multiple heterogeneous substructures.

The techniques developed in this research will be useful in many research areas besides the middle ear, and also in teaching.

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