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Animations of measured
middle-ear ossicle motion
in the gerbil


This Web page provides animations of the measured data described in ‘Three-dimensional vibration of the malleus and incus in the living gerbil’, Decraemer, de La Rochefoucauld, Funnell & Olson (JARO, 2014, doi:10.1007/s10162-014-0452-1). Note that the stapes could not be measured with the experimental approach used.

Animation programs for datasets of 3 experimental animals, 9d8, 11d8 and 16d8, are made available. The applications were written in MATLAB and can be run on Windows or Linux computers using a freely available MATLAB Compiler Runtime (MCR).


The 64-bit GNU/Linux versions are available here. For the Microsoft Windows versions please visit BIMEF at the University of Antwerp.


For each animal a .tgz file is provided which produces 5 files when unpacked by gunzip and tar. For animal 11d8, for example, the file run_ani11d8.tgz contains

Before running an animation you must install MATLAB’s MCR. It can be downloaded from For these animations, download version R2013b (8.2).

Store the downloaded file in an empty directory somewhere (it’s big, almost 500MB), unzip it, and give the command ./install. Follow the instructions, including acceptance of the licence agreement and selection of an installation directory. Ignore the instructions about the LD_LIBRARY_PATH and XAPPLRESDIR environment variables, they will be taken care of by the run_run shell script.

Once the MCR has been installed, run the animation by doing cd into the directory where the run_run script was saved and giving the command ./ mcr_dir/v82 where mcr_dir is the directory that was selected when installing the MCR.

A window will appear offering various settings. Once the start animation button is pressed, a window will appear and disappear, and the steps of the animation will appear slowly, one by one, before the final animation is displayed smoothly. See Running an animation for more detailed instructions.

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